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Electrical Wiring

Our wiring services include full and partial re-wires, wiring inspection, testing, fault finding and repair.  We have a safety first ethos and you can be assured we won't cut any corners.  If you're looking for a reliable electrician to help with your wiring anywhere in Kent, get in touch with us.  We'll give you a free no-obligation quote and we guarantee all our work.  We can also work with commercial wiring and fully understand the differences between residential and commercial wiring needs and requirements, which means that you will receive the best standard of service at all times.

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Electric Lighting

We work with all types of electric lighting jobs from fitting security lights, to installing down lights.

One of the most simple jobs we get asked to do is bulb replacements, often to energy saving light bulbs.  We can give a lot of advice on the best brands and types of bulb for every situation, whether you need a bright daylight bulb to let you see fine detail, or a warmer light to create atmosphere and ambience.

Down lights are also very popular at the moment but can be difficult to install in some areas.  Where furniture needs moving, or carpets need lifting, we can ensure everything is done with the utmost care to avoid any possible damage.

Security lighting is another popular service.  We Know how to install this correctly, so that it won't upset your neighbours.  We'll avoid damage to the property walls and we even take care not to crush your flowerbeds with our ladders!

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Electric Sockets

With so many electrical items in our homes now, we always need more sockets.  We'll understand your needs, and where your equipment goes, so we can ensure sockets are logically placed for the best use and look.  We can also now provide sockets with USB slots for charging your devices.

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